Thursday, November 2, 2017

Baby Lasley Update

No doubt he's a male
Today we went to my doctor's appointment to have our anatomy ultrasound. We already knew what baby Lasley was going to be because of the genetic testing. Even though we knew what we were having, little dude really wanted us to see that he was a boy.
Fun fact: Guy sleeps with his hands up as well

It was fun to see how big he's gotten. We were joking around with my doctor about comparing baby's size to fruit and how they should instead be compared. My doctor walked us through all the organs and things as he checked to make sure everything looked good. We had a hard time looking at his face because he kept his hands up most of the time. Eventually he got him to move and was able to check and make sure everything looked good. He looks healthy though. When we were done with the ultrasound we went to take one last profile picture and he gave us a thumbs up. Apparently little man has a sense of humor. We didn't get a picture of it but it was still fun to see.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Last trip to COS

Immediate family (minus Katie, Brian, Calvin)
At the end of September we made one last trip to Colorado Springs for my dad's promotion to Major General. It was a
crazy weekend. Guy finished and outage Thursday night and then we drove all night arriving early Friday morning. After a few hours of sleep Guy went to go pick my brother up from Denver. While he was gone, the rest of us worked to set up the church building for the promotion. The ceremony was nice we had most of my family in attendance. Guy's aunt Pam is serving a mission in my parents' ward so it was fun to be able to see her and Doug. They came to dinner Friday night at my parents house.

Friday night we were able to let the rest of my family know that baby Lasley is a boy. They were all excited!
Aunt Pam, Guy, Uncle Doug

At the Denver temple
Saturday we went to Denver as a family for my brother to receive his endowment. It's the only time the entire family (minus Katie) have been together in the temple. It was a really neat experience. After we went to lunch to celebrate. When we got home, my grandma took us to Joann's to pick out some fabric for a quilt for our little guy. Saturday night the women went to the World Wide LDS broadcast. It was fun to have 3.5 generations in attendance (2 babies in attendance but not born yet).

Sunday was a typical Sunday. My sister and brother in law left earlier that day. Guy and I stayed an extra day and went to church with my parents. That night the ward threw a going away party for my parents. It was a nice event and we got to use some of the left over food from the activity.

Monday morning we helped my mom clean out the garage a little before we left for Texas. My parents ended up moving back to Virginia the following week.

Here are some additional photos from the promotion:

Adding the new rank on

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Miscellaneous Pictures

We had dinner on 10/21 at the Mill Manager's home. He owns an 87 corvette. He let some of the engineers take it for a test drive. 
Guy driving the sports car

Here are a few miscellaneous photos of what we've been up to.
Sometimes Finn doesn't want to move when it's bed time

Napping after working on the patio
Our Patio! Almost done

" I not suppose to be up here?"

"Why am I in the rain coat?"

Watching for Guy to come home

"Dad you have some sweat on your head. I can get that for you!!"

Growing by another two feet

Baby Lasley at 10 weeks (bottom picture him at 6 weeks)
In August, Guy and I received some exciting news. We found out that we were expecting! After trying for a while to get pregnant it was some pretty exciting news! Baby Lasley is arriving around the end of March. Guy is hoping for an April Fool's Day baby. We kept things mostly to ourselves for the first trimester. We started telling family and friends when I was about 11 weeks along.

Since I'm a planner we decided to go ahead and do the informaseq genetic testing. At 10 weeks, fetal DNA is circulating in the mom's blood. The genetic testing will tell you if there is are any markers for genetic diseases (down syndrome, terminal diseases, cystic fibroses, etc). If the results came back negative it means that we don't need to worry about any of these being a problem. The down side to the test is that it can be pretty expensive ($1200 test!) and a lot of times insurance won't cover the test. The upside is that you can negotiate the price down a bit AND you can find out the gender of the baby early. While we did the test for the genetic reasons, it was nice to also know early what Baby Lasley will be.
Baby Lasley at 10 weeks

We have a house full of testosterone because Baby Lasley is a BOY!

Here are some early pictures of the little guy. We have our anatomy scan right after Halloween (I'll be almost 20 weeks) so we'll be able to see him better than.

June's Update

Before we painted
Around Memorial Day my mom was able to come out and spend the weekend with us. One of the things we did was participate with the youth service project through Habitat for Humanity. We helped their organization paint a home for a family. There was a pretty good turnout at the activity. It only took us about 2 hours to get 90% of the house painted. Afterwards the Habitat workers finished painting up by the roof. Someone from our ward brought hot dogs afterwards. We had an impromptu picnic in the yard.

At the end of the month I flew to Utah to help my grandparents clean out my great-grandma's house. It was a busy weekend. We had a lot of stuff to go through. It was great to be able to look back and see all the family memories of the things she had kept. I loved being able to read through the family journals and seeing some of the stuff from my great-grandparents siblings. I also saw some stuff from my great-great-grandparents. Got to love looking through all the family history items.

Balloons, BBQ and Boats

In July Paris had a balloon festival in conjunction with the Tour de Paris. The Tour de Paris is a bike race that goes around most of the county and starts/finishes in Paris. The weather wasn't very good so they weren't able to launch the balloons but we were still able to go and see a few of them get blown up as well as watch the bikers leave.

Someone from our church congregation gave us tickets to a drag boat race and BBQ cook off. After checking out the balloons we went to the drag boat races for lunch. It was nice being able to sit in the shade and watch the races. The BBQ wasn't too bad. We ended up both voting for the same cook. He had one of the best pulled porks I've had and his brisket was a very even flavor. There was a nice smoke ring on the brisket as well. Here are some pictures from the activity.

Allison's 26th birthday

Last week was my 26th birthday. It was a pretty easy day around the house. I went to lunch with a few sisters from work at a BBQ place in town. We had a lovely time. That evening my back started hurting. I've been having what my doctor believes are muscle spasms on the right side of my back. So I was pretty much down for the count the rest of the evening. Guy had to work late that night as well so we just kept things simple around the house.  When he got home, we had burrito bowels for dinner, and then enjoyed DQ Ice Cream cake for dessert. Our DQ in town doesn't have any ice cream cakes so Guy stopped in Powderly (~15 minutes from where we live) to pick one up. I opened a few presents that night and then essentially went to bed exhausted.