Monday, May 15, 2017

The Road Trip to Iowa (x2)

Playing in the Park
April was a BUSY month. We started the month by making the drive to Iowa for Jim's birthday party weekend. This year Shari decided to just have it be immediate family.  Guy and I thought it would be fun to make the trip and see everyone, especially since Amy and Alden were coming up from Mississippi. Guy was able to use his 980 and have that Friday off so we also didn't miss out on any vacation days. We left after Guy got off work on Thursday and drove all night to Chillicothe. Guy, forgot to tell his mom when we would be arriving (and he didn't know where the house key was) so we slept in the car for 2 hours while we waited for everyone to wake up. Finn wasn't to thrilled about sitting in a parked car. He did do a great job watching Guy and I as we slept. We were sad Sam, Amber and family weren't able to come down but we were glad we got to see everyone else from the area. The family all showed up Friday afternoon. Some of Guy's siblings and his nieces and nephews weren't sure if Finn was the same dog we had since he was much bigger now.

Friday night we busted out the ice cream and a few close friends came over to celebrate as well. It was nice to be able to spend time and catch up with several people. On Saturday the weather warmed up and so we were able to spend a good chunk of the day outside in between watching sessions of conference that is. The men worked on improving the antena and I took the kids to the park in the afternoon. The little boys and Finn had fun chasing each other back and forth. The little girls thought it was great when Finn helped them dig in the sand. While the men were at the Priesthood session of conference the women and kids went and got grahams ice cream. Guy and I both miss being able to get Graham's. We haven't found an ice cream place we're really fond of down here yet. Hopefully we can check out a few places in Dallas.

On Sunday we made the long drive home. We were blessed to be able to stream conference on the drive so we were able to hear all the sessions. I thought it helped the drive go by faster as well. We got home at a decent time so we were able to unpack and walk Finn before going to bed. We found out a few days later that my former bosses' wife (Janell Palmer) wasn't doing well and that she was deteriorating quickly. She had been suffering from multiple myeloma for about 2 years. A week after we got back from our first trip to Iowa we found out that she had passed away and that her funeral would be the following weekend.
Please can I be out of this car

I had said from the beginning that I wanted to go to the funeral whenever she did pass if it was a feasible option. Guy wasn't sure if we wanted to or not so he went around and around about joining us or not. Ultimately he decided to go with, so we loaded Finn and left early Friday (Good Friday) for Iowa. We wanted to beat the Easter weekend traffic so we left at 3:30 am. It was a long day but it was nice getting to Ames around lunch time. We stayed with my grandparents. They were thrilled to see how big Finn had gotten. It was crazy to see how much Ames has grown in almost the year we've been gone. It was fun to drive around our old stomping grounds.

Friday night we met up with Kirsten and Scott Radke (again) and went to Jethro's for dinner. Man, I had been craving some ribs and it HIT THE SPOT! I really should find out how to get the BBQ sauce. After visiting with them we came back to Ames and went to bed...exhausted from the long day.

Saturday was Janell's funeral. Guy's brother and family came up from Missouri for the funeral. It was nice to see them again. I enjoyed seeing some of the people I had worked with and around at the lab who came for the funeral. Kind of like a mini reunion. It felt a little bit like coming home. The service was lovely. Each of the girls spoke for a little bit. They also had Janell's former consolers from her Relief Society Presidency participate. I also enjoyed being able to see and chat with Mitch (my former boss) for a little bit. After the service we went to lunch with Pete, Emily and family (Guy's brother) at Hickory Park (another Iowa classic). It was nice visiting and catching up with them again. We visited some more with my grandparents. And then that night went and had Mexican for dinner.

Easter Sunday started off early. Finn got lose from Guy and I and went and jumped on Grandma waking her up! Sorry grandma! We left shortly after that since it's a 12 hour drive from Ames to Texas. So the bulk of our Easter Sunday was spent on the road driving. It was a short trip but it was nice to be able to see lots of friends and family. Even if the circumstances weren't great.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sir Finnegan's birthday

April 27, 2017 was Finn's first birthday! Happy Birthday to our little fuzzy butt. We celebrated his birthday by taking him to the vet for his annual shots followed with a trip to Petco for a new toy and birthday treats. For his birthday he got a stuffed shark and a stuffed bone. One of his favorite things to do is play agility. He's now in the intro class. Every week I take him to Dallas for an hour where we tries to master the different obstacles. At the time of his birthday his favorite was going through the tunnel. Now though, he likes the cat walk a little bit more and is starting to enjoy the teeter tauter. His new chore is helping take the clothes out of the dryer. At his annual exam he weighed 55.5 lbs. We figure he's done growing. Now we're just waiting for his long coat to come in. Typically that can take 2-3 years. Based on our online research about coat growth we figure his will probably be closer to 3 years before all is said and done. We bring a lot of joy into our lives!

"Why can't I sleep here with you?"

Guy's 27th Birthday

Guy was in South Carolina at a work conference over his birthday so we waited until he got back before celebrating. He went out with a few of his co-workers on his birthday to get pizza for dinner. He also had ice cream. The day after he got home we had Aldi pizza and PB cake with ice cream for dessert. For his birthday he got: money, socks and an RC car.  We also watched a movie that night. He said it was a nice laid back day and he was glad to be back after the trip.

I call this "a boy and his dog"

American Hockey Game

Towards the end of March, there was a REACH event with International Paper. We went down to Allen, TX (suburb in the DFW metroplex) and attended a hockey game between the Allen Americans and the Wichita Thunder. The arena was surprisingly nice, especially since the team is a minor league team. We had great seats for the game! The American's are a really good team. They're trying to three-peat for the Kelly cup. I think the announcer said that if they won, they would be the leader for the league. They won 4-2! That night was also choir night so we got to see several different groups preform in between each period. We also got to see several fights break out. Who doesn't like hockey!?!? haha. We had a great time and will probably go again sometime in the future.

Before the game, Guy and I went to TJMaxx and bought a few things. We also stopped for dinner at Mooyah. The shopping complex had a whole bunch of stores in the area so we just parked and walked to the stores and then to the arena when it was time for the game.

Puppy Sitting

At the beginning of March one of Guy's coworkers asked him if we would be willing to puppy sit for her puppy, Bear. Bear is an 11 week old lab (german shepherd?) mix. He was SO cute! We had him for a week. Guy was able to see what it was like to have a little puppy around. When we got Finn, I took him back with me so Guy didn't get to see the young age very much. Finn had fun playing with the little guy, but they were both so rough together! They'd be outside playing non-stop and then I'd have to put them both down for a nap after wards. I didn't get much done when we had them, but the nice part was they wore each other out. One of the days we had them, a friend from church brought her kids over and they got to play with them and keep them entertained. Hopefully Finn and all the energy didn't scare them too much.

Here are some pictures that we took of the two boys playing.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Hardworking Guy of mine

Changing the tire in the dark
I don't always give Guy the credit and praise he deserves so this is my shout out to him at how hard he's been working.

On the way to Finn's agility class last week I had an issue with the tire pressure. I got about .1 miles away from the field when the tire pressure came on so I pulled in to the parking lot and called Guy. I got out to check and I ended up puncturing the left rear tire wall. No idea how it happened. I could feel the air rushing out/see it rapidly deflating. Forgetting about roadside assistance I called him. Guy said I would need to change the tire. First off, I've never jacked a car by myself let alone changed it on the Subaru. Guy promised, "to walk me through it. However, it would probably take me an hour versus 20 minutes if he did it." I wasn't too keene on jacking a car/changing a tire in the dark so Guy drove down from Paris to Dallas to change it for me. After having only been home for about 40 minutes.  I was really grateful and it ended up being a good thing he came down because the tire nuts were so tight he had to jump on the tool that loosens them. After unscrewing them he didn't think I would have been able to do it by myself it.

Our new table!
For Valentine's Day he built found online the plans to build an AKC spec sized table for agility. This way Finn and I didn't have to keep training with the ottoman! He researched it out and then ordered all the supplies. He ended up going camping with the boy scouts and then was going out of town. He wanted us to have it sooner than later. So after his busy and long weekend he started building the table. It took him about an hour and a half to build the table. It turned out really nice!!! Finn and I have enjoyed being able to use it.

I'm so grateful to have a hardworking, patient husband that looks for small ways to serve me even when it's not the most convenient time for him.

Finn's Agility Class

Guy and I decided it was time to start Finn in agility training. He kept leaping over the back of the couch and our heads so we figured it was time. There's an agility group in Dallas (DAWG) so we looked at enrolling through them. He's in an 8 week long beginner course. While in the course he practices basic obedience calls and the obstacles. Each Tuesday night I drive down to the North East side of the Dallas metroplex. Class is an hour long.

videoFinn does great in the car. Sometimes he's a little restless on the way down to class since I can't feed him dinner before we go. The way home though he typically just sleeps since he's warn out. We've been going to class for about 3 weeks now. I would say he's the smartest and quickest learner in his class. I'm still trying to find the balance of when to feed him/how much. If I feed him before class then he gets tired in class and towards the end of class he won't listen. If I don't feed him before class then he doesn't listen as well because he's too hungry. I'm sure that I'll have it figured out by the time we are done with the basic course. After this course there are 2 more intro level ones where he learns the rest of the obstacles and sequencing them together. We're hoping to just continue rolling through with those.
On our way to school

I haven't gotten any pictures of us working in class. I'm hoping Guy will be able to come with us one week and take a few pictures. So far though he's mastered going through the tunnel, small jumps and ending on the table. To practice the table Finn and I were using the ottoman. For Valentine's Day Guy built Finn and I a table to use.